Youth Red Cross


The Red Cross is an International Organization meant for humanitarian services. It is a non-religious, non-political and non-sectarian International body. Humanity, impartiality, neutrality, independence, voluntary service, unity and universality are the seven fundamental principles of the International Red Cross Movement. Red Cross Society functions with the prominent aim of serving people who are in distress without any consideration of caste, religion, language and nationality. The Indian Red Cross Society serves as an ancillary to the State authorities engaged in social welfare activities accepting the rules and regulations of the State but at the same time maintaining its autonomy so that it can act always in accordance with the fundamental principles.

The Youth Red Cross is the most important constituent of its mother organisation, Indian Red Cross. It is a student movement organised for students in Colleges and Technical Institutions. The objective of the Youth Red Cross is to impart a sense of discipline and formation of character to the students.

The Youth Red Cross wing of our College has undertaken lot of social service activities. It has conducted many awareness programmes on Fire-Fighting, Blood Donation, First-Aid, Environment Pollution Control, etc. The volunteers also involved in plantation of saplings in the College campus. their involvement in community service. The college is fortunate to have been governed by a far-sighted management.

Association Activities

S.No Date Event Name
1 22.03.2023 YRC conducted Water Day
2 22.03.2023 YRC Conducted Road Safety
3 30.01.2024 YRC conducted a sparse Leprosy Pledge
S.No Date Event Name
1 12.03.2020 Rally (AIDS)
2 31.08.2021 Beyond the limit (Webinar)
3 06.10.2021 Life skill training for first aid and tolerance
4 01.12.2021 Rally in Kozhenchipatty (AIDS)
5 08.04.2022 Impact of Iron Deficiency and Anemia among Adolescents Women
6 13.04.2022 Rally regarding consuming healthy food
7 13.04.2022 Planted Tree samplings inside the campus
8 22.04.2022 World Earth Day Celebration
9 10.08.2022 Importance of Nutrition for Adolescents
10 14.09.2022 First Aid Awareness Programme
11 19.10.2022 Small Changes Big Difference


1 22.08.2019 YRC 100th  Celebration-Youth Fest 2019 PGP College of Arts and Science
2 05.10.2018 Training Camp NKR Govt Arts College for Women
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