Faculty Publications

S No Date
Name of Journal Publishers National/Internaltional  Journal Title Name of  the Journal Volume
1 Dec’23 Dr.K.Vimala
S.P. Abinaya
International Journal Performance Assesment of Deep learning models in Histopathological Mamogram analysis for breast cancer detection International Journal of all research education and scientific methods Vol No: 11
Issue: 12
ISSN: 2455-6211
2 Feb’6 Dr.K.Vimala International Journal Dynamic cloud workloads: A comprehensive exploration and Deep Dive into advanced load balancing techniques for optimal resource management International Journal of progressive research in Engineering, management and
Vol No: 4
Issue: 02
ISSN: 2583-1062
3 Mar’21 Dr K.Vimala National Journal Mechanism for recover link failure during Routing in Mobile AD Hoc networks Department of computer science, Trinity college of women, Namakkal  
4 Aug’21 Dr K.Vimala International Journal MANET: A study on overview of MANET and swarm intelligence-based oprimization algorithms Information and Computational Science (JOICS-UGC-CARE-GROUP_II-JOURNAL) ISSN: 1548-7741, Vol No: 11
Issue: 8 PP: 342-355
5 Sep’21 Dr K.Vimala National Journal Investigate Bio-inspired solutions for optimal routing protocol management in wireless networks PG & Research department of compter science & applications,PGP college of arts and science, Namakkal  
6 May’22 Dr K.Vimala International Journal Comparitive analysis of routing algorithms to enhance the quality of service in MANET International Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering (IJRTE) (SCOPUS INDEXED-JOURNAL) Vol No:11 Issue-1
ISSN: 2277-3878, 
PP: 108-115
7 Nov’22 Dr K.Vimala International Journal SRABDE: Secure routing algorithm based on differential evolution for mobile AD Hoc networks Theoretical and Applied Information Technology (JATIT) (SCOPUS INDEXED-JOURNAL) Vol No:100 No-22
PP: 6565-6575
ISSN: 1992-8645
8 Mar’23 Dr K.Vimala International Journal SIBCSRP: SWARM intelligence based cluster supported routing technique for MANET Internal Journal
of Scientific Engeneering and Research 
9 Mar’15 S.Nathiya International Journal Data Mining classification for types of Pyrexia analysis using SPSS International journal of Engineering, technology, management and applied science Vol No: 3
Issue: 03
10 Dec’15 S.Nathiya International Journal Providing multisecurity in privacy preserving data mining International journal of engineering and computer science Vol No: 4
Issue: 12


S.No Date Name of the Faculty Publication in International / National journal Title Name of the Journal Volume no (issue No), Page No, Year of Publication, ISSN No
1 Dec, 2013 Mrs.D.Anitha International journal Automatic Detection of License Plate International Journal of Advanced and Innovative Research, Volume 2(12), ISSN no:2278-7844
2 January, 2018 Mrs.D.Anitha International journal Evaluation of Data mining classifiers for prediction and classification of Glaucoma associated proteins International Journal of Pharma and Bio Sciences 9(1):(B)1-11

ISSN no:0975-6299

3 June, 2018 Mrs.D.Anitha International journal Machine Learning Prediction of Glaucoma Associated proteins from Integrated Composition Features International Journal for reasearch in Applied Science & Engineering Technology Volume :6 Issue VI, ISSN:2321-9653
4 2019 Mrs.D.Anitha   Glaucoma based detection of cup to Disc Ratio from Retinal Fundus Image: an image Processing Technique Journal of Electrical Engineering ISSN:1582-4594,pp.1-8
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