English Literary Association

The inaugural meeting of English Literary Association was held during 2009. Dr.V.Anbarasi, Head of the Department, Govt. Arts College, Salem-7 inaugurated the activities of the association. Under this association storytelling and Oratorical Competition, focusing on different skills and language abilities are conducted every week.

The “English corner”, a privileged column for language learners placed weekly on the notice board, continues to function well under the guidance of Dr.R.Kasthuri Bai,Dean – Faculty Development and Prof.R. Chenniyappan , Head of the Department, Paavai Engineering College.

S.No Date Event Title
1 04.09.2019 Seminar on the topic, ‘New Insights into Post-Colonial Literature’
2 22.02.2019 UG Seminar on Representation of Women in Literature: Global Perspectives
3 12.02.2019 Alumni Series 2: Secret of Success
4 02.02.2019 Debate: “Is Women Empowerment Upgraded of Degraded”
5 24.01.2019 A speech on ‘Save Girl Child’
6 23.01.2019 English Language Teaching
7 16.10.2018 PG Seminar : ‘Crossing the Boundaries: Theories and Practices of Comparative Literature’
8 28.09.2018 Drawing Competition on “Effects of Social Media”
9 22.08.2018 A workshop on “Spotting Errors in English”
10 15.09.2017 UG Seminar : ‘Women and Ethnic Beliefs in English Literature’
11 18.08.2017 Subject Quiz
12 18.03.2017 ‘Management Lessons from Literature’
13 27.01.2017  A play on Grimm’s Fairy Tales- “Snow White”
14 29.07.2016 Literary Quiz
15 12.02.2014 Play ‘The Pie and the Tart’
16 12.07.2013 Guest Lecture
17 15.02.2013 Shakespeare Play “Antony and Cleopatra”
18 03.01.2013 One-Act-Play ‘A Robber Robbed’
19 05.11.2012 Speak English Rally
20 10.08.2012 English Literary Association Inauguration
21 30.01.2012 Programme on “Shakespeare’s Plays”
22 29.01.2012 Guest Lecture on ‘Shakespeare’


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