As the adage goes “A sound mind in a sound body”, the institution creates a hale and healthy atmosphere among the student community. We are proud to declare that the college takes sufficient care to make sports and games as a part and parcel of the curriculum. Physical Education is the interdisciplinary study of all areas of science relating to the transmission of physical knowledge and skills to an individual or a group, the application of these skills and their results. Sports and Physical activities are essential part of human resources development. These help to develop health, spirit of friendly competition, achievement, national pride and patriotism. The Department of Physical Education and Sports was established in 2009. The mission of physical education is to create respectful students who value their health and fitness and practice healthful activities throughout their lives. The students of our college have bagged several prizes and medals in various sports and games events.

  • Mass Drill: Drill will be given to all the students twice a week after prayer.

  • Gymnastic: Weekly once to the interested students.

  • Silambam: Weekly once to the interested students.

  • Aerobic: Weekly once to the interested students.

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